Shadowrun – The Old Days

by coldglass

Inspired by the current Kickstarter campaign to fund Shadowrun Returns I stumbled across this, the promotional video FASA made to promote the game at GenCon 1990. If you’re at all interested in Shadowrun, ’80s cyberpunk, or charmingly amateurish films I highly recommend watching it. If you don’t – have we nothing in common?

Quite something, I think you’ll agree. I have to say I don’t remember my games having so much of the ’80s Porn Aesthetic – that’s a lot of big hair. The line “They said there weren’t any guards!” sounds awfully familiar though. Really, the whole thing fills me with a pleasantly warming sense of nostalgia, makes me want to dig out my battered copy of 2nd Edition after all these years. Man, Shadowrun is a great game, urban fantasy before it was cool. At least for certain definitions of urban fantasy. And cool.

There’s still a couple of days left on the Kickstarter, so why not get in on the ground floor? Sell your organs, or for that extra touch of authenticity, sell someone else’s. In the meantime, queue this up on your telecom, put on your talismans, check the load on your smartlinked Predator-II, brush up on your ridiculous slang (chummer), and wait for the call from Mr Johnson.