Things I Am Wondering

by coldglass

  • Will Diablo III kill my mouse in an orgy of frenzied left clicking, as it’s predecessor did?
  • Why, fifteen months after replacing it, have I still got my old PC sitting on the floor in my bedroom?
  • How much longer is that bonsai tree going to survive; and have I been overwatering or underwatering it?
  • Why do I always see so many police cars driving past when I walk out towards Johnston – do they spend all day just driving back and forth or what?
  • How did the pound shop in Haverfordwest come to be selling a shelf-load of mid-season Sailor Moon episodes on VHS? And who do they imagine will buy them?
  • Why did that one security guard in Hanley Waterstones always seem to be following me round the store?
  • Which came first, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier or Spectrum’s Cloudbase?
  • Why are so many of the matches for me on this online dating site bisexual women in New York?
  • What was that road sign for before it was painted over?
  • Who’s buying all of those dried peas all the time?
  • Why have I still not gotten round to reading A Dance With Dragons, after spending literally years complaining about it still not being finished?
  • Why do I keep putting off going on a proper holiday?
  • What did the old layout look like on Facebook, and why was I so irritated when they changed it?
  • Why did I used to always watch Blue Peter as a child, even though I couldn’t stand it?
  • How can I be this bored, but still reluctant to do the spring cleaning?