Steam Pressure

by coldglass

I was just thinking the other day about the lengthening list of games in my Steam library that I’ve not actually played yet, when I came across this, which rather helpfully analyses your public account and runs the numbers for you. So according to that, 34.4% of games I own are still pristine and untouched. That’s not quite right though, for two reasons; (i) Depending upon how Steam handles them DLC packs can count as separate items, so in my case the four Borderlands DLC and two Magicka DLC are counted as unplayed games even though they’re not really games and I have played them; (ii) Steam didn’t start tracking time spent playing until some time in 2008, so anything played before then and not since counts as unplayed, which for me means that for example all the Half Life 2 games are shown as unplayed. So if I shuffle the numbers round to better reflect reality, I get a total of 90 games, of which 28 are unplayed – 31.1%. What that represents in monetary terms is difficult to determine, since a lot of the unplayed things I got as part of Steam multi-packs, Humble Indie Bundles, etc. Probably not too much, I only really buy things on Steam if they’re on sale or indie games. Still, I really should get around to playing some of them. . .