Music I Bought In the 2nd Quarter of 2012

by coldglass

This Is 1983 – Risk Risk
Manhunter – Various
Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 2 Chapter 1 – Celldweller
Garbage – Garbage
Love Never Dies – Miss FD
Two Guys In Japan – Flashworx
Burn The Sky Down – Emma Hewitt
Remembering Next Summer – Tapeaters
Music From Saharan Cellphones – Various
La Paix – Akibar Gignor
f#a#infinity – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Nobody’s Daughter – Hole
Northern Council – College
Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Various
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Pilotpriest
Autumn Fields – Dirk Geiger
Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke
Synthetica – Metric

Well, here we are again. Half-way already, that didn’t take long at all I don’t know where this year’s gotten to. This time there’s two physical albums in the list; Garbage, which I found in a charity shop, and Ladyhawke which I picked up along with some DVDs in a ‘3 for £5’ offer. I’ve started following Electronic Rumors which has led to quite a few great discoveries, though I can’t for the life of me keep track of what the genres called anymore. SynthWave, Futurepop, Nu-Italo, DreamWave, Electro-Indie … it’s all Electronica to me. I must be getting old. Not so much retro stuff this time, although This Is 1983 is so fantastically ’80s1 anything else would pale in comparison. Continuing the ’80s theme, the Manhunter2 soundtrack is good but the levels seem out so I have to keep fiddling with the volume whilst listening to it. Listening to Miss FD makes me want to play Vampire: The Masquerade again3; also fair play to Fixt for emailing me a few weeks after I bought Love Never Dies because it’d been on offer and I should have gotten 50% off. I was pretty dubious about Nobody’s Daughter; seemed like it was bound to be an awkward mess but actually there’s a couple of pretty good songs on there. My brother reckons Emma Hewitt sounds like ‘an Australian Enya’, I’m not sure if that’s meant to be a compliment or a criticism but in any case I liked Burn The Sky Down a great deal4. I got Remembering Last Summer as one of those ‘Pay What You Want’ things, it’s so good I feel guilty about only paying $5 for it. Found a couple of interesting things via Sahelsounds, which in turn I found via an African sci-fi blog, and I’m glad I did as the only music from that part of the world I’d really heard before was Tiniariwen. Coming in just under the wire was the long-awaited new Metric album, it took a few listens to really warm up to Synthetica but it was definitely worth the wait.


1 In a way that would have been impossible had it actually be made in the real 1980’s.
2 Manhunter is an excellent film and it’s a damn shame so few people have seen it.
3 And definitely not, for example, pine over goth girls on the internet.
4 But then I do like Enya so maybe there is something to it.