Some Projects I Am Currently Backing On Kickstarter

by coldglass

Since January, I have backed 31 projects on Kickstarter. I can’t help myself, it’s worth the money just for the warm glow of patronage it generates. It’s like being a Renaissance princeling on a much smaller scale – “Why, your art intrigues me good man, you shall embellish my palazzo at once!” Admittedly pre-ordering an Ohio punk bands album,1 or a sequel to a classic cyberpunk videogame2 and giving some guy $20 so he can get members of the public to take polaroid pictures3 isn’t exactly commissioning the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

I was hoping to post the little widget things for the projects I’m backing, only it turns out wordpress doesn’t let you use [iframe] so I just bodged something together in GIMP. Greg Stolze is partly responsible for Unknown Armies and for that reason alone deserves your money more than you do4, as well as for first making me aware of Kickstarter back in 2009 before it was cool. The Synnibar relaunch is almost certainly going to fail5 barring a miracle seeing as it’s currently 7% funded with two weeks to go – $55,000 is a lot of money to raise. The conceptual art one is genius and worth the $1 for comedy value.


1 Liar by Jasper the Colossal. It’s really rather good.
2 Shadowrun, chummer.
3 I’ve got two of them on my desk.
4 Unless you’re John Tynes, obviously.
5 Will I ever get my Midnight Sunstone Bazooka?