Steam Pressure Rising

by coldglass

I love the biannual Steam sales, waiting to see what comes up each day gives me a weird sense of satisfaction similar to the kind you get from watching a download progress bar or an xp gauge slowly filling1. This years Summer sale concluded yesterday, having started a little later enough than usual to inspire a couple of odd theories; There won’t be one at all this year! It’ll be timed to coincide with the Olympics! There’s some kind of ARG already going on but we haven’t discovered it yet! Actually I’d be interested to see Steam’s figures, do they sell noticeably fewer games in the run-up to the Summer/Winter sales? There’s obviously an incentive to hold off purchasing something if there’s a good chance it might be significantly cheaper in a few weeks. On the other hand I don’t know what proportion of Steam’s user base are heavily enough into gaming culture to put that much thought into it.

Anyway, despite already having more than enough unplayed games in my Steam account I naturally caved in and bought more. So, this time round I got:
Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood £4.99
Super Meat Boy £2.99
Alan Wake £5.74
Dead Island £6.79
All games which I was interested in playing, but not enough to pay full price for. There were also a few decent deals on games I already owned, but nothing spectacular. Outside of Steam I also picked up The Witcher 1 & 2 from GoG for £11.132, I already own the first one but it was one of those odd deals where it worked out cheaper to buy both games than only the second. So in total I spent £31.64, basically the price of a single game at full price. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I bought a non-indie3 game at full price.

Now I just need to actually play them . . .


1 Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.
2 The Witcher 2 popped up on Steam a day or two later for a little more.
3 I’m not sure what the proper term is – Commercial? Mainstream? Triple-A? None of those look right to me. I mean games from big publishers that cost £30-£40 on release.