Music I Bought In The 3rd Quarter Of 2012

by coldglass

Liar – Jasper the Colossal
The Matrix – Various
Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 1 – Celldweller
Eating Us – Black Moth Super Rainbow
Reign of Terror – Sleigh Bells
Sonic Prayer – Earthless
Hazy City – X3SR
Parallels – Black City Nights
Suit of Swords
Mr Plastic – Glowbug
Goodbye Lullaby – Avril Lavigne
Music From 1990 – 2000 A.D. – Pilotpriest
Everything – Antics
Archangel – Two Steps From Hell
Outer Space Adventurer
Tuned in to the Future – Tommy
The Art of Youth
Beauty Queen – Arcade High
Vessel – Vessel

I say this every time, but that didn’t take long at all. Where’s the year gone? Quite a few Kickstarter related albums this time around, I seem to have gotten slightly addicted to crowdfunding. I’m almost certain Jasper the Colossal‘s debut Liar should actually have gone on the list for last quarter, anyway it’s well good in a stripped-down, rough-round-the-edges rock-and-roll way. On the other end of the list is Vessel, a guitar based post-rock band in the Explosions in the Sky mould1. Everything and Eating Us are both by bands currently working on new albums after funding them on Kickstarter. The former is pretty decent New York indie, the latter is awesome neo-psychadelic experimentalist folktronica2. Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror is good but maybe a bit too similar to their first album, though Comeback Kid is a fantasic song. Goodbye Lullaby3 isn’t bad, but I definitely prefer the bubblegum-punk style from her earlier albums to the newer ballads. Two Steps From Hell are staggeringly epic, listening to them makes me feel like I should be standing on top of a hill at the head of a great army. The Matrix soundtrack is as good as it ever was, although listening to it now does make me feel old4. I’m liking Glowbug a lot, sun-drenched, reverb-heavy electronic pop from LA, well worth checking out especially as you can get both albums for free5. Pilotpriest and Tommy make up this quarters selection of music recommended by Electronic Rumours, along with my current favourite, Arcade High; Art of Youth and Beauty Queen are both full of absolutely perfect retrosynth, full of nostalgia for ’80s high school movies. Earthless provide twenty minute long tracks of grinding stoned-out psychadelic rock, perfect for when you need to sit in a darkened room rocking back and forth with a glazed expression on your face.


1 If I have any criticisms of them, it’s that sometimes they sound a little too similar to Explosions in the Sky.
2 Or something.
3 Ahem.
4 1999! Were we ever so young?
5 He suggests you make a donation to charity instead, which is pretty cool.