Five CDs I’d Forgotten I Owned

by coldglass

Just the other day, I was seized by some unknown madness that made me think it would be a good idea to re-rip my CD collection onto my PC. I only ever listen to music in the house on my PC or my phone these days, and almost all of them were originally ripped years ago at 160kbs, which isn’t brilliant. So I decided to go through the lot and replace them with 320kbs versions. Almost immediately after starting I realised the gravity of my situation, but it was too late; once I’d started I had no choice but to continue, as stopping would only delay the inevitable and cause further hassle when I returned and had to remember which CDs had already been done. I started in the afternoon and finished just before midnight; by the end I was starting to crack up. The worst of it was that it only takes a very short time to rip a single CD, so I couldn’t start it then go off to do something else but instead had to be constantly hovering over the PC swapping discs and checking details. After all that, I’m fairly sure I can tell the difference. I think. Probably.
There was an unexpected upside though, along the way I found quite a few things I’d never gotten around to ripping, including some I’d more or less forgotten about.

The Fake Sound of Progress – Lostprophets

I’d actually been thinking about this album just prior to finding it, my brother happened to mention that ‘Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja’ is eleven years old now and I got to wondering if I still had the CD. Turns out I do. Their first album, back when they still sounded Welsh, holds up pretty well I think. I can’t be sure because it’s hard to accurately judge it through the fog of nostalgia.

Wanted A Girl – Stewboss

This is the first CD I ever bought over the internet, ordered from CD Baby in April 2001 after hearing Bob Harris play the fantastic Fill Station on his saturday night show. Still a great song, as is the title track. I remember looking for this a year or so ago but not being able to find it, must have overlooked it somehow.

Hard Times In Babylon – Eliza Gilkyson

There’s kind of a weird story behind this one; I heard one of the songs, Beauty Way, on the radio and a while later I found it was stuck in my head. I could remember the tune and some of the lyrics, but not what it was called or who it was by. This went on for a short while until I woke up in the early hours of the morning knowing the name of the song, the album, and the artist. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to write it down before I went back to sleep, if I’d forgotten it again lord knows what would have happened.

Spend The Night – The Donnas

I remember I picked this up on a whim in HMV, there’s a ‘behind the scenes’ DVD that’s set to Region 1 so it must have been a US import. Teenage garage-rock, all chugging power-riffs and songs about parties and sex, basically The Ramones with the gender swapped. It’s good although the songs do start to all sound pretty similar after a while.

False Smiles – Amy Studt

This one really was forgotten, it took a few moments to remember who she is and I’m still not really sure how or why I got it. As I recall she was half-heartedly pushed as a British version of Avril Lavigne about a decade ago but it never really happened. The video for the song Misfit doesn’t seem to be on Youtube, which seems kind of strange, I remember seeing it on one of the monitors whilst at Phoenix Bowl back in the Dark Ages. Weird the things that stick in your memory.