Tomes of Prophecy

by coldglass


With a new year upon us, I thought I’d consult the wisdom of the ancients to try and get the drop on 2013. Since I don’t actually possess any inscrutable grimoires or pre-human codices I decided the best idea was to pull out all the sci-fi RPG manuals on my shelf and look up this year in the timelines.

With no earth-shattering events, 2013 is the calm before the storm in the newly-birthed Sixth World; in the aftermath of the VITAS epidemic, the arrival of metahuman children, and the collapse of governments around the globe, the oppressed Native Americans begin preparing for revolution. Mighty shaman Daniel Coleman, Howling Coyote, Prophet of the Great Ghost Dance, travels the country in secret, teaching his people the magic they will use to break out of the concentration camps and take back their lands from the white men’s corporations.

Cyberpunk 2020
The first true Artificial Intelligence will be born at a Microtech facility in California. Meanwhile a joint US/EuroTheatre treaty leads to the creation of Netwatch, a multinational organisation tasked with fighting cybercrime. With the Net shortly to be drastically reconfigured by the Ihara-Grubb Transformation/Visualisation Algorithms, they’ll have plenty to keep them busy.

Following the mysterious disappearance of reclusive scholar Dr Harrison Lovechild, his collection of antiquarian texts is donated to Miskatonic University. Amongst the collection is the only known copy of The Mysteries Within, an infamous work of non-Euclidean geometry and mathematics. In years to come it’s sanity-blasting contents will be instrumental in unlocking the secrets of advanced technology and poweful magics; for now it sleeps quietly in the library.

By now, the Church of Revelations has conquered and occupied most of Western Europe, with only the Nordic nations, Great Britain, and Ireland holding out against it’s First Army. On the other side of the Atlantic the Third Army of Revelations rapidly gains ground in South America, capturing Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uraguay, whilst launching air raids against cities within the United States.