Seek and Ye Shall Find

by coldglass

Let’s see what search results brought people to this blog over the last twelve months:

wax duel
edwardian weapons
fake guns fake bullets
short film – airship destroyer
porn edwardian era
edwardian era porn
edwardean era porn

The first few make sense, being directly related to posts I’ve made on ‘bloodless duelling’ and The Airship Destroyer. As to the others, I’m not sure. Is hundred-year-old porn so rare that people are just turning up at any site with ‘Edwardian’ on it somewhere?

brookside rape storyline diana
brookside siege steve murray
brookside mick johnson stalker
death of sue sullivan, brookside
brookside – when was nikki shadwick raped

Obviously attracted by the ‘distilled Brookside’ post I did. I feel like the search terms only further my original point.

original motion picture soundtrack pilotpriest torrent
pilotpriest music from 1990 – 2000 A.D.

Both excellent albums, I highly recommend them both to anyone with an interest in cinematic synth music. Forget the torrents though, why pirate it when you can get them for around 99p from the man himself?

corvette guerrico battle damage
According to the Wikipedia article on the Battle of Grytviken, British small arms fire and Carl Gustav shells “killed one seaman and injured five others, damaging electrical cables, the 40 mm gun, one Exocet launcher and the 100 mm mounting”.

soundtrack for the voices in my head vol. 2
Only got Part 1 of this album, it’s good though, I should probably pick up Part 2.

bands that don’t exist
Here are (aren’t?) five to get you started.

books to read in 2012
Bit late for that, I’m afraid.


indie movie comedy cthulu
Presumably it’s The Last Lovecraft they want. Great little film.

record store memories
These are mine.

steam pressure
Following the Steam winter sale, these figures are now of course out of date. Why don’t I play them!? Half the time I’m bored out of my mind anyway!
Possibly the only 100% accurate result here. I guess they found me.

eirik gumeny
He writes absurdist fiction. I like it. Unfortunately the dude’s pretty sick with Cystic Fibrosis, why not make a donation if you’ve a few quid spare?

forge world primarch
Currently the only Space Marine Primarch available from Forge World is Angron, I expect they’ll do the others in time.

gynocracy women jailers punishments
Not really sure I want to know about this one . . . I guess ‘Gynocracy’ got them here thanks to my mentioning it in conjunction with Kameron Hurley’s (excellent) novels?

lovecraft hemplow
Philip Hemplow is the author of Cthulhu-mythos novellas The Innsmouth Syndrome and Sarcophagus, both of which I would recommend to Lovecraft fans.

hard times in babylon song meaning eliza gilkyson
I’m not sure, I think it’s about someone who died, maybe committed suicide?

college “teenage color” cover
Looks like this.

what came first shield helicarrier or spectrum cloudbase
I question I posed myself a few months back. I looked it up and it turns out the Helicarrier predates Cloudbase by two years, having first appeared in Strange Tales #135 in 1965, whereas Captain Scarlet first aired in 1967.